When it comes to offering business solutions we drive excellence through our expertise in Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Technology is one ever-changing truth, the important factor is the rapid pace with which business demands a solution. We, at Discreet Soft, offer an extensive range of mobile enterprise solutions to help them stay at the top of their business market. If there's one thing which makes us an expert is a constant urge to update ourselves with the change and strategize the enterprise mobility solutions. We just don't provide mobile solutions, we deploy them, strategically.
Our success lies in providing the best enterprise mobile solutions through mobile app development. At every step, we aim to deliver and deploy business solutions for the success of your business. We don't do the process alone, rather, we include you in the decision-making process and also implement the ideas shared by the businesses.

In order to provide the best Enterprise mobility solutions, we offer:

  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Security Management
  • Mobile Policy Management
  • BYOD Management
  • Mobile Lifecycle Management

Customized mobility enterprise solutions

Adopting industry-specific mobility solutions will drive the business in the correct direction. There are various factors which contribute to the success of your business and one of them is customized business solutions. Our offerings in customized business mobility solutions lie in developing the customized mobile app for your business which enables you to drive market leadership.

In order to provide customized mobility enterprise solutions, we deliver:

  • Cloud-based deployments
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Remote Monitoring and Provisioning
  • Optimized User Productivity

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Why Discreet Soft

Our approach to enterprise mobility services is simple: avoid the temptation to create a solution for the sake of going mobile. Mobile for everything is not a great idea. Instead, we delve deep into the experience, expectations, and needs of users to provide a quality experience from mobile solutions. In essence, we provide long-term Mobility Solutions based on enterprise business goals.

Discreet Soft enterprise mobility services and solutions offer a real-time platform by designing and implementing an array of high-end technology applications with flexibility and ease.

  • We create and deliver secure integrated mobile apps for any enterprise business system
    Develop once and deploy across all popular operating systems and devices
  • Smart Code for creating the right application, process and workflow without getting bogged down in complex, costly and resource intensive coding and testing
  • Support both native and HTML5 Web applications, so that you can choose the approach that works best for your business mobility application needs
  • Extendable, easily add your desired app store, customization services and much more
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